Welcome to Grove Level Student Ministry!

Jeremiah 17:7-8

The Middle and High School years will be full of decisions, growth and change. While these years may be a little scary, it can also be an exciting time. With all of these changes occurring, there is someone who is unchanging that you can depend on. His name is Jesus Christ.

The Grove Level Student Ministry exists for students to encounter the gospel, engage the gospel in community, and expand the gospel everyday on mission.

We are committed to creating a place where students can encounter God in a real and authentic way. From weekly events, bible studies, retreats, summer camp and mission opportunities, students will encounter what a life of a Christ-follower is all about.

We are excited that you took time to check us out! Take some time to click around and find out more about us, and be sure to contact us so we can meet you soon!

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To receive text reminders, text "grovestudent" to 706-252-9280.


Friday, January 28 • 4:30-10:30 pm

Cost: $10 (cash at the door)
Bring money for concessions/souvenirs.
A notarized 2022 medical release is required.


Sundays • 9:00 am • 3rd floor

Join us as we dig into the Word in small groups. Groups are divided by
age and gender and meet on the 3rd floor.


Wednesdays • 6:30 pm • 3rd floor

The ramp door opens at 6:00

Join us for worship led by our student band, relevant teaching that is applicable to a student’s life and small/large group discussion. The ramp door opens at 6:00 for a time of fellowship.

For Parents

Check out our private group for parents on Facebook where you will find important information on our events as well as some great
resources for parents or click below.

2021 Medical/Photo
Release Form

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