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As Christian educators, we are dedicated to high standards of excellence in helping children develop their social, emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual potentials in a safe, nurturing environment. We provide an atmosphere of Christian love in which every child is valued and respected as unique children of God.

*To instill in each child a great sense of self worth as children of God.
*To provide an atmosphere for learning and growth.
*To encourage creative expression through language, art and music.
*To help children investigate, seek, observe, listen and acquire information using critical thinking skills and problem solving.

Age Requirements:
Preschool children must be age of the class applied for by September 1, 2024. Children in Mom’s Morning Out (MMO) must be 15 months by September 1, 2025.
Preschool (8:30-11:30 am):
Children Ages 2-3: Tuesday–Thursday
Monday - Thursday
Monday - Friday

Children Ages 4-5: Monday-Thursday
Monday - Friday

A one month non-refundable tuition payment is due upon registration. If a payment agreement is needed please see the Director (Jamie Hixson).

Preschool Days (Start to Finish):
3 day: August 20th, 2024  -  May 15th, 2025

4 day: August 19th, 2024  -  May 15th, 2025

5 day: August 19th, 2024  -  May 16th, 2025

Mother’s Morning Out: August 20th, 2024  -  May 15th, 2025

Our program utilizes a developmentally appropriate, Bible based curriculum. Extensive research shows us children learn differently at each level of development. At times it seems they are just playing; however, this play is essential for further academic learning. The two year old program will focus around socialization, the three year old program around language development and the four year old program will include kindergarten readiness.

Preschool Fees:
3 Mornings a Week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday); $180 Monthly
4 Mornings a Week (Monday-Thursday); $195 Monthly
5 Mornings a Week (Monday-Friday); $210 Monthly

Mom’s Morning Out Fees:
Available 2 - 3days (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday), from 8:30-11:30 am.
  • 2 days. $165 Monthly
  • 3 days: $180 Monthly

Early Care:
Available Monday-Friday, from 7:30-8:25 am, for an additional fee.
$35 per month for 5 days
$28 per month for 4 days
$21 per month for 3 days
$14 per month for 2 days
$7 per day

**Due at registration is a non-refundable one month tuition payment.
This will be August tuition. Regular tuition payments begin on September 1, 2023.

For more information about GLBC Kingdom Kids, please call the office at 706-259-4148 or email

Thank you
To print a 2024-2025 Registration form, CLICK HERE.