New Testament 2020

New Testament 2020

Making New Testament 2020 Personal

1 & 2 Timothy, Titus and 1-3 John CLICK HERE for PDF guide
CLICK HERE for the New Testament 2020 Reading Plan


What does this Scripture SAY?

What does God want me to LEARN from this Scripture?

  • What jumps out at me about IDENTITY?  (Who God is, Who the Lord Jesus Christ is, who I am in Christ)                                     
  • What TRUTH strikes my heart?  (a principle, a promise or a precept)

How do I need to APPLY this Scripture to my life?

How should I PRAY as a result of what the Holy Spirit has shown me?

  • How do I pray for myself in light of what this Scripture teaches?             
  • How do I pray for others in light of what this Scripture teaches?