Our Mission:
To share the Gospel (Good News) that Jesus Christ died on the cross so that all people may know Him and have eternal life in heaven. To help and encourage Deaf to grow through discipleship training and Bible study while proclaiming the Holy Bible as being the true Word of God. Praising and glorifying Him not only by our words, but by living the Word through our lives. Loving others as Christ loves us and ministering to others in need. The GLBC Deaf Ministry started in 1994 and has grown into an active ministry, which includes fellowship opportunities and Deaf Church led by our Minister to the Deaf, Rev. Mike Gahan, and meets 2 times per month. We invite you to visit us at GLBC as we continue to reach out and minister to the deaf in our community.

For more information about the Deaf Ministry, please contact, Lynn Walker, GLBC Deaf Ministry Contact at 706-259-8519 (voice), or visit us on Facebook.